About Eng. Kabenda Balete


Eng. Kabenda Balete

Program Manager - BDC Tanzania

Eng. Kabenda Balete is an entrepreneur and innovator with an academic background in Food and Biochemical Engineering (BSc) acquired at the University of Dar es Salaam. Balete is a digital transformation expert whose visionary idea of the Kipaji App platform came after his experience in managing and assisting musicians in their careers during his entrepreneurial journey to pursue his dreams and as a singer for the past 12yrs. Under his guidance, most of them excelled in their career and sold several albums through digital video disc (DVD) markets.

Balete previously worked as a Sales Engineer, Service Engineer, and Service Supervisor at Davis&Shirtliff (T) Ltd a company with over 70 years of experience in water pumps and energy, a Country Director for the Malaysian Blockchain technology firm.  He capacitated several institutions in Tanzania, guiding the understanding of the evolution of Blockchain technology and Digital Currencies through training.