Kingdom Leadership Institute (KLI) in partnership with Regent University, through its Center for Entrepreneurship, based out of Virginia Beach USA is proud and excited to offer you the opportunity to grow and develop at Business Development Centre (BDC) through our 14 week Entrepreneurship Program and our Executive Business & Leadership short courses offered at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dar es Salaam.

KLI is an Interdisciplinary think tank and training institution established to develop and support value based ethical leadership in Tanzania and across Africa. KLI exists to prepare leaders to excel holistically through moral guidance, mentoring, coaching and effective leadership training. The core mandate for KLI is to develop African leaders in business, government, and politics capable of transforming the national leadership and economies through innovation, entrepreneurship and Investment to enable world class competition in the global marketplace. Akin to KLI, Regent University’s Center for Entrepreneurship (RCE) vision seeks to empower communities, regions and nations towards being revitalized spiritually, socially, politically and economically by training entrepreneurs, internationally and domestically, to operate with Kingdom Business principles through a variety of strategies.

As such, Business Development Centre (BDC) Tanzania presents a uniquely designed entrepreneurship program that is geared towards helping Entrepreneurs succeed in starting or growing their Business (Entrepreneurship Program 14 weeks). The program guides students’ entrepreneurial vision to enable them steer their organization with confidence, innovation and expertise. BDC includes two and three day Executive short courses centering onPerformance Management for Leaders, Customer Care Skills, and Customer Care Strategies for Leaders, Business Model Audit and Key Success Factors (KSFs) Diagnostics. BDC provides a unique opportunity to impact the leadership and economic transformation on Tanzania for present and future generations whilst having the opportunity to influence, inspire and impact others at the same time to learn and grow from experience.

Through this partnership, the students will learn time-tested theories, gain practical skills that they can apply immediately within their workplace and explore innovative strategies – all from a biblical and global perspective. From mid-level managers to professionals in the process of launching a career in business, leaders, at every level, are prepared for fulfilling careers and life-changing impact. Through our top-rated graduate programs, we offer our students training that will develop the practical leadership and management skills they need to propel towards their career goals.

Beginning of our journey:

In 2017, the CEO and Founder of KLI Mr. Isaac Mpatwa, whilst pursuing his Doctorate in Strategic Leadership (DSL) at Regent University, met Prof. Doris Gomez, the Dean School of Business and Leadership of Regent University USA. The two discussed the KLI mission to transform leadership in Tanzania. Prof. Gomez moved by the discussion immediately introduced Mr. Mpatwa to Prof. John Mulford, the former Dean School of Business and Leadership and the currently Director of the Regent Center for Entrepreneurship for the University to partner in the development of business leaders in Tanzania through their BDC, leadership and entrepreneurship short-courses. On the 1st day of August 2019, KLI signed the License Agreement with Regent University, through its Center for Entrepreneurship in Virginia.

Our Philosophy

To provide excellent education and equip leaders to change the world. We equip students to strive toward inspired influence in business and leadership as they discover their God-given destiny and the impact they will make on the world.

Need Help ?

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