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  • Jan. 27, 2024, 9 a.m.

The inaugural BDC Training Course is a rigorous 20-week Program designed to equip new and existing businesses to take their entrepreneurship to the next level.

For the BDC inaugural Entrepreneurship Training, KLI-Regent University is targeting aspiring and established entrepreneurs.

The 20 Weeks Entrepreneurship Program is designed for Business owners (SMEs), Local Entrepreneurs, Startups, and employees with a desire to start a side business.

Short Courses targeted at sharpening corporate executives and managers, business leaders, religious leaders, government leaders, leaders and opinion leaders, University and College leaders, Education, NGO, and Social leaders.

The  Short Courses are comprised of:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship (1 Week).
  • Marketing & Business Model (1 Week).
  • Operations & Finance (1 week).
  • Business Plan (1 Week).
  • Customer Care Skills (3 Days).
  • Customer Care Strategies for Leaders (1Day).
  • Performance Management for Leaders (2 Days).
  • Business Model Audit and Key Success Factors (KSFs) Diagnostic (2 Days).

Demonstrate competence and ethical behavior as you start or grow a business.

As a result of successfully completing the entrepreneurship training program, you should be able to:

  1. Articulate a worldview of business and entrepreneurship founded and operated on ethical principles, and explain your calling to business as an entrepreneur.
  2. Describe the character and competence of an ethical entrepreneur and articulate a personal plan to continually learn and grow in both.
  3. Through purposeful observation, identify viable business opportunities before others notice them.
  4. Design a business with a unique value proposition whose parts work together to achieve the goals of the business.
  5. Demonstrate your ability to win customers based on your value proposition and to satisfy them before, during, and after the sale.
  6. Set up a system to measure the mission-relevant results of your business and to control the processes necessary to achieve those results.
  7. Demonstrate your understanding of the people skills required to successfully launch and grow a business (through class discussions) and demonstrate basic competency in these skills (through action-learning assignments).
  8. Demonstrate the persuasion, tenacity, and resourcefulness of an entrepreneur by completing action-learning assignments and launching a business.


The learning environment is supportive of student learning and promotes engagement and interaction to learn among students.  Learners feel involved and responsible for their learning while being comfortable enough to fully participate in group and individual activities.

Class facilities will be communicated  – which will also cater to both breakfast and lunch for each professional session.

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